Myanmar's Traditional Sculpture - Panpu

Panpu Wood Carving

Myanmar’s traditional sculpture emerged before the Bagan period and improved in the middle of  the Bagan Era. Myanmar’s sculpture is based upon Buddhism which arrived from Southern India in the 11th century A.D.

Most of the wood sculptures of the Bagan and Ava periods have been lost and only a few are left today. One outstanding wood sculpture belonging to the Bagan period is the one at the old portal of Shwesigone Pagoda at Nyaung-U village Bagan.

Those who want to see wood sculptures of the Yatanapon (Mandalay) or latter Yadanapon periods should visit the Shwe-inpin Monastery in Mandalay and the Bakaya Monastery in Ava.

Myanmar’s traditional sculptures are of wood, stone and plaster but today wood sculptures are the most common.