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Myanmar ( Burma ) investment opportunities including: Rubber Plantations * Hotels * Ceramic  Pottery Factory * Land in Pyay for hotel * Rubies * Star Rubies * Sapphires * Jadeite Jade * Pearls * Tourism * Manufacturing * Teakwood * Bamboo * Cane * Marine Fishing * Fish farming * Prawn Farming * Agriculture * Livestock Breeding * Diamonds * Gold * Tin * Copper * Baryte * Lead * Zinc * Bentonite *  Natural Gas * Construction


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Immediately available for investment:


6 acres of industrial land in Yangon
with Natural Gas Supply and Mains Electricity... 



5 acres of land in Pyay (Prome) just 4 hours' drive north of Yangon and on the way to Bagan. Has excellent opportunities for a riverside hotel as Myanmar tourism is growing very fast and hotels are very full these days. Perfect for Eco-travel as the area is in a place of outstanding natural beauty:  the land is on the bank of the Ayeyawaddy River with 2,000 ft of river frontage and the sun sets over the Rakhine Yoma on the opposite side of the river.

STOP PRESS - Sri Ksetra in Pyay has been declared a World Heritage Site!!


Bio-Diesel ventures ~ small capital required





* Investing in Myanmar (Burma) can be very lucrative with such a diverse range of business opportunities. With the Country extending from the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas to the tropical forests of the south Myanmar has much to offer the investor ~ and never have the opportunities been better than right now as the country is on the verge of great development...

* The 2013/2014 season was the busiest ever for visitors to Myanmar and now is the best time to invest in the travel industry: the hospitality industry is presently in its infancy and with so much to offer the tourist Myanmar stands ready to become the prominent player in the region. The weather varies considerably from North to South and it's possible to develop skiing in the North and Scuba Diving in the South !! The seasons are generally consistent, with the winter being cool and sunny; in the mountainous areas, which comprise much of Myanmar, the temperatures can be very cool indeed in the winter. Presently scope exists for the development of accommodation in many areas including Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Ngapali Beach: as tourism expands, as it assuredly will, additional hotels will be required throughout the country.

* Investment Opportunities in the wood industry: Myanmar has an ECO forestry policy resulting in sustainable supplies of many hardwoods including Teakwood, Yamane and Padauk. Bamboo and Cane are also very plentiful.

* Investment Opportunities in Farming: much of the countryside is farmed producing rice, pulses, most vegetables and fruits (ranging from Grapefruit and Tangerines to Avocados and Mangoes... and Durians!).

* Investment Opportunities in the Fishing Industry: fishing is prominent with many Prawn and Fish Farms in operation: the Andaman Sea is abundant with marine life and Pearls and Mother-of-Pearl are plentiful.

Myanmar offers such diverse delights as trekking in the hills and mountains and cruising in luxury on the Ayeyawady River.  Ancient Bagan is one of the Wonders of the World and many people just relax and amaze at the beauty of it all !! Being one of the safest Countries in the world with the friendliest people in the world makes Myanmar an ideal holiday destination.

Investment Opportunities for foreign direct investment in mining: Myanmar is rich in mineral resources,foreign direct investment,business opportunities,hospitality business,pearls,rubies,fish farms,prawn farms,natural gas,travel and tours,agriculture,rice,teakwood

Myanmar's natural resources include:

Jadeite Jade * Rubies * Sapphires * Pearls * Diamonds * Gold * Tin * Copper * Baryte * Lead * Zinc * Bentonite * Chromite * Natural Gas * Bamboo * Cane * eco-managed Hardwoods such as  Teakwood  Pterocarpus macrocarpus  Xylia dolabriformis  Dipterocarpus and Swintonia floribunda. Forests cover around 40% of the total land area. Great Business Opportunities !!

myanmar investment

Farming plays a major part in Myanmar's economy and the Government actively seeks foreign direct investment in Agriculture, Cattle Breeding, Pig and Poultry production and other related areas such as Veterinary Pharmaceutical production and Prawn Farms.

investment opportunities,foreign direct investment

The Country has a very small manufacturing base and the business opportunities for investment in this area are great indeed, as is infrastructure investment.

There are also major opportunities for exporting consumer, food and other products to Myanmar.

The hospitality industry is now the fastest growing in Asia and the potential for overseas Travel Agencies to provide tourists a holiday in Myanmar is very lucrative indeed.,hospitality business,pearls,rubies,fish farms,prawn farms,natural gas,travel and tours,agriculture,rice,teakwood

Whatever your area of interest Road to Mandalay Ltd can assist you in at least the following areas:

* Setting up Joint Ventures
* Setting up 100%-owned Foreign Companies
* Representation of your products or Services

Don't miss the opportunity to become involved with Myanmar's development ~ we are an ECO-Aware group of companies who appreciate the natural resources of this most beautiful Country

...and let us be your Partners in Myanmar!!

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November 26, 2015